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As the girl to gain weight

The health of small children should be first and foremost on their weight. Each age characterized by a certain body weight. And underweight can be due to a variety of reasons - on the individual to poor digestion of food.

As the girl to gain weight

Instruction as a girl to gain weight

Step 1:

Noticing that the weight of your child does not reach the standards, do not rush to panic. For a start, consult on this issue at the pediatrician. It will hold a full examination, look at the test results and, possibly, establish the cause. After her elimination of the weight of your child come back to normal.

Step 2:

Add the child's diet more nutritious high-calorie food: chicken, fish, potatoes, cereals, vegetables and dairy products. From fruit bananas are ideal. But do not feed their child fatty foods, because they can do nothing but harm. Are best boiled or baked in the oven.

Step 3:

If the baby is too small for such products and uses only milk and baby food, give him porridge. They are rich in carbohydrates and plenty of nutrients. Begin to feed it with buckwheat and rice porridge, and then go to the oatmeal. After some time, they can add what some vegetables, such as pumpkin or carrot stew.

Step 4:

One reason may be light weight and poor appetite baby. In this case, increase its activity. Let it move as much as possible, to run and play outdoors. Try also to make of the finished product on the plate merry figurine, smiling face or picture. Perhaps, in this case the child is more than interested in food.

Step 5:

If no apparent reason is not present, the shortage of kilograms can be caused by individual characteristics of the child's body. All of the children as well as adults, differ. So do not be so carefully trying to adjust their child under certain rules, especially if your weight is active, healthy and feel great. Do not stretch the child's stomach, because overeating can also lead to negative consequences.