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Assorted vegetables for baby

All young mothers, sooner or later face the question: where to start solid foods a child who is breastfed. From a variety of sources can be found a lot of information, sometimes contradicting each other. My advice - listen to everyone and make their own way. My child is under 6 months of nothing but breast milk and some water did not drink and felt fine, well-gaining weight, well, 6 months, we have begun to try vegetable puree, but not consisting of a single ingredient, but from several.

Assorted vegetables for baby

You will need:

potatoes onions carrots zucchini cauliflower blender

Instruction mixed vegetables for baby

Step 1:

All vegetables carefully my, clean. Cut into small pieces. The proportions of these vegetables choose based on their own knowledge and observation of your baby. I took as a basis the zucchini, and the rest a little bit.

Step 2:

Water boils, pour the vegetables, add one teaspoon of olive oil. When the vegetables are almost cooked, a little salt, but so that your taste was insufficient salting.

Step 3:

Skip cooked vegetables through a blender, you can add a little butter. Should get a homogeneous mass - puree if pour the broth in which the cooked vegetables, you get soup. And we can offer to sample the baby.

Step 4:

Further, in a puree, you can add and cabbage, and turnips. A 7 months, you can add meat (starting with rabbit or beef). Then boil the meat first, first the water is drained, then the meat is cooked in the second water, and added to the vegetables.

Step 5:

Watch the reaction of the baby. If he does not like, do not force. Improvise with ingredients composition, consistency mashed potatoes (for example, my child better eating a liquid puree). And in the end you will choose what is right for you and your child.