At What Age I Should Be Able To Make A Baby? | Children




At what age I should be able to make a baby?

Many parents ask themselves whether their child is developing properly? What he should be able to do at a certain age? As a rule, specific skills play an important role in the formation of its independence.

At what age I should be able to make a baby? In 1 year and 6 months, the child should be able to: - hold a spoon in his hand, eat liquid food, drink from a cup without spilling almost; - A negative attitude to the purity of a breach; - Communicate their physiological needs; - Quietly relate to washing. In 1 year and 9 months: - independently have any food from his plate; - Independently remove and put on a hat and shoes; - Pay attention to the dirty face and hands; - Advance to ask for a pot; - To strive to do everything yourself ( "I did!"); - Know where to lay his clothes and toys. In 2 years: - gently eat and drink; - Rub when washing hands and face, wipe; - Fully pull off the things; - To know where things are stored, shoes, toys and kitchen utensils; - Monitor the physiological needs; - To use a handkerchief. In 2 years and 6 months: - unbuttoning and buttoning; - Independently dress and undress with little help from an adult; - Communicate their desires; - to ask questions. In 3 years: - to dress with a little help from an adult, and dress himself; - To put things before going to bed; - Buttoning, tying shoelaces; - Carry out simple instructions; - Wash hands with soap and water, wipe; - Notice the mess of clothes, dirty hands and face; - Wipe the shoes, shake off mittens, etc .; - Say the words of gratitude, hello, goodbye.