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Breast milk: how to cope with the tides

Many mothers worry that their baby does not have enough milk, and by all means try to increase the amount. But what if the milk is too much and the baby does not eat all. On the chest there are painful bumps that do not give rest to cause anxiety and fear of possible consequences. Breastfeeding becomes a nightmare and is no longer in those positive emotions, which was originally the mood.

Breast milk: how to cope with the tides

You will need:

- Sage; - Mint.

Instruction breast milk: how to cope with the tides

Step 1:

Before serving, do not drink hot drinks, do not take a hot shower. Feed your child is not on the clock, and on-demand - offer him suck just about every hour and a half. Every three hours a breast change, if it is during this time wanted to eat a few times, then offer him the same breast. Do night breaks 4 hours between feedings.

Step 2:

Do not give your child a pacifier, because baby, sucking a pacifier, sucking the milk less and less likely to feel the need to attach to the breast. Never express to the last drop of milk after feeding, only to ease feelings. In other words, the breast should be soft, without seals. Full pumping just more often and is the reason giperlaktatsii. Seals and bumps rastsezhivayte completely.

Step 3:

Try to gradually minimize pumping night. Of course, it should be done, if you sleep with the baby and he sucks at night. Remember that the more you express milk, the more your body produces it. We must strive for a mature lactation, ie, when milk is produced for as long as your child can eat. Over time, pumping will not need. Chest will always soft and the milk will appear in it "tides"When the baby makes a few sucking movements. It was he your appetite will regulate milk production.

Step 4:

Admission decoctions of mint and sage can reduce milk production. Prepare the broth as follows: two tablespoons of grass (or portions of the filter pack) Pour 2 cups boiling water. Drink throughout the day for a few sips.