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Can I take a pet in the house, if you have a small child

The animal in the same house with a small child. For some, this situation is acceptable, while others consider it unacceptable. Both are right, as paradoxical as it may sound. The main rule of the neighborhood - is the observance of certain conditions of living together, which will help to avoid problems.

Can I take a pet in the house, if you have a small child

In the nine months to ...

Serious concerns tend to cause future cat moms. In most cases, they have access to every corner of the house. And that cats are carriers of Toxoplasma. This disease can threaten the fetus various deformities. The percentage of occurrence of infection is very low, but caution is necessary. The first thing to do - is to be tested for the presence of Toxoplasma, and both animal and its owners. The second - is to protect the pet from communicating with outsiders cats. And the third - the expectant mother not to engage in the care of the cat, and to shift the care of the animals on some of the household.

Man was born!

Long before that happy moment parents covers the alarm: the baby may appear allergic to wool, there is a risk of infection from animal parasites, the dog may bite baby, cat scratch. A lot of negative examples from the life and the fear of catching television reports. But practice shows that the animal is suffering most, but not a child. The hosts at the time of forgotten about it, completely immersed in the cares of the baby. If we are living in your home little animals, then remember that we are responsible for those who tamed.

• Every day, do a wet cleaning of the entire house. To reduce the time for this activity, it is possible to get rid of at any period from carpets and small furniture items.

• The door to the room the baby keep closed to prevent access to the animal.

• Do not leave a child alone with a pet, no matter how safe and nice he did not seem to.

• Bowls and toilet clean your little animals in a place inaccessible to the baby.

• Regularly visit the veterinarian, the animal to be vaccinated.

according to age

From 2 to 5 years old baby learns to communicate and interact with the outside world. It is contact with animals teach him kindness, care about who is weaker, and mercy. Get undemanding pet, such as a rabbit or guinea pig. Kids older than 5 years can already take the obligation to care for the animals themselves. Walk your pet, feed - these simple things will teach responsibility, and will serve as a kind of condescension training skills adult life.

People choose

Families with small children should be taken to the choice of a pet responsibly. Those who want to get a dog, you should choose from such breeds as the collie, poodle, labrador or retriever. Dogs of small breeds, such as Dachshund, Cocker Spaniel or a Pekinese, do not differ patience and indulgence, more vicious, and can harm the baby. From cat breeds perfectly get on with children Persians and Sphynx, Scottish Fold, British. Not allowed Child neighborhood with a Siamese cat! Children with speech problems is a great friend a parrot that can talk. Joint physical "language" will benefit them both.

In America and Europe, child and animal Union for decades considered normal. The correct approach to the selection of a pet, the observance of simple rules of care, attention will bring not only fun but also benefits.