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Child and pocket money

Among parents are quite different opinions about pocket money. Some refer to this quite calmly, while others are very negative. At what age can a child give money?

Child and pocket money

A child is ready for the fact that you are giving him money when he clearly understands that money is not taken from the air, they need to earn, and this is not always come easy. If your child goes to the store and always brings change, if he asks you for money, and understand clearly what they are it is necessary for it to spend it and understands the meaning of the purchase, it is a signal that the child is ready to receive pocket money .

Do not give your child money before he goes to school. It is better if it is in front of the school will be thinking about how to play with friends, not about where to spend the money. A child can ask their parents more money, in any case can not give in to it. Once you hooked, the child will understand that you can do so again. Therefore, we must not give the child a lot of pocket money.

If you think that it is too early to give your child pocket money, convincingly explain to him the reason. If you choose a financial way to encourage a child if you have five date for his money, or help on the farm also encourage the ruble, then be prepared for the fact that the child gets used to do everything for a fee. Get knowledge will make money, help around the house, not for help but for the sake of money.

Giving pocket money, limit the child in time, it was reported that it is 3 days. If a child is to spend them before, at other times he will have to do without the cash. Thus, it is accustomed to planning costs. Also prepare the child for the fact that soon he will have to earn money independently. If a child wants to buy some great thing, which is expensive, then ask them to save and try to accumulate the necessary sum. Then your child will understand that he must first do something before you get what you want.

Thus, children can be trusted pocket money, but it is important to determine whether the child is ready to take this step or not. In any case, just to give personal money the child to learn to make their own decisions, to dispose of them, save and save.