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Child development: how to choose the best method of

All loving parents want to have children, they will be proud of, and that can be useful to society. Everyone sees him happy, healthy, business, full and harmonious development. That's when parents start to think about how to achieve this. A deal with the kid it is necessary, and the sooner you start to do it, the better.

Child development: how to choose the best method of

Instruction child development: how to choose the best method of

Step 1:

For the physical development of the child: Begin to teach a child to the charge, razuchivaya with him in the morning light exercise 3-4. Call the interest charged at the kid, telling him something interesting about each exercise. For example, bouncing the baby and raising his hands up and say, "It flies a bird, a butterfly ..." .Sozdayte the child a positive image of gymnastics, telling him that this or that exercise will help him become a great (high), strong, healthy, beautiful .What whatever it is: gymnastics, sports, jogging or walking - the main thing, your attention should be focused on the child's mobility, which is a well-developed lungs, musculoskeletal system and joints.

Step 2:

The development of imagination and creativity: Okay develop the child's imagination and creativity: painting, sculpture, design. Using paper and crayons, start painting with a toddler or sculpt. Communicate with them in the process of drawing, asking him questions: "What are we going to draw? What color? ... ". Then ask the same thing, that you drew, draw a (blind) to your child. Read your child a fairy tale, tell children's stories, poems, skits make the statement. Ask your child to tell you what you have read it, ask leading questions, the baby learned to reflect on their conclusions (end of the story he invented, scenes) .Zagadyvayte baby children puzzle about colors, animals, and various objects.

Step 3:

The development of auditory and visual memory: Do a simple exercise in visual memory consolidation: take three cards with painted different animals, but the same color. Ask your child to close his eyes, remove one card. Now ask your child to tell what animal is missing. It can be done with a set of several predmetov.Dlya auditory memory: tell a child of 4-5 words, ask again. Up to five years may be a repeat in any order, and above - in the order in which you said.