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Children insomnia and its causes

How often do you have problems in order to put the baby to sleep? The issue, and the situation is quite relevant, but here are the reasons why a child does not want to sleep, there may be many.

Children insomnia and its causes


The main causes of childhood insomnia and how to fight them

Energy. One of the most popular and common causes of insomnia and a reluctance to go to bed is an overabundance of children's energy. It may well be that the child is simply not yet had time to spend your entire daily supply of energy, and it still is, even at night, you want to run, jump and make some noise, instead of going to bed. It will be good if the child is a few hours a day will carry on the street, playing with their peers. However, when playing, they will actively move, run, jump and otherwise spend a lot of their energy reserves.

One important point: sometimes the parents give the child something in the evening hours, and it is a very big mistake. Even if the child is tired, he still finds the strength to ensure that play with the gift, to study it and consider carefully.

Daily routine and non-compliance. Do you have a specific time in which you put your baby to sleep? No? Well, then you can not complain about the fact that the child refuses to sleep when you do need it from him. A child needs a strict regimen and schedule! It is necessary to ensure that the child went to bed at about the same time on the automation. Over time, gradually, the child will get used to going to bed at the same time, and with laying the problem will simply disappear. But we should not make concessions, if the child starts to cry or ask to play some more. If at times you give in to him, the child realizes that you easily manipulated. 

The lack of attention from parents. All day mum and dad at work and in the evening they have a lot of household chores, so the time for the child they have little or no. Are you very busy? Well, I hope that the child quickly and just in time to fall asleep, in vain. In addition, just after putting it and hurriedly kissing, you also do not get anywhere. Remember that the child just need parental attention, and he is entitled to it. After a good communication with the parents of the child will be happy and go to sleep more willingly.

Monsters. If a child often has fears of someone or something, do not scold him or yell at him, because all children's imagination, and it is a very serious problem. To the child is not afraid of monsters, you can not give him to watch horror movies, horror or violent cartoons. And not only at bedtime, but also in general during the day. If it is too late and the child is afraid of monsters, you must include a night light at night and tell the child that his room has a good character, which drives away all the monsters.

Malnutrition. Can you put your baby to sleep if just before going to bed he had eaten sweets and washed them down with sweet tea. Sugar is known for the fact that it activates the human nervous system, so that the baby, using a sweet before going to bed, go to sleep not at once. It is best to give a bedtime warm milk with honey, they have a great calming effect.

Situation. The child should be separated from the parents of scandals, especially in the evening hours. The child will be very difficult to fall asleep, if it is day or in the evening becomes a witness of parental scandals.