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Children's books about cats and cats

Many children are very fond of books about cats. There are many nursery rhymes about cats and cats, as well as a large number of stories and fairy tales about these animals. What to please kids who love cats?

Children's books about cats and cats

Books about cats for the youngest children

1. Cat-Kotok.

Artist: Alice Poret

Editor: Kim Elena

Publisher: Labirint, 2015

Just a wonderful book with the cutting in the form of a cat. Size large, this is not the book, baby. Designed for the book, the smallest, contains nursery rhymes and lullabies about cats in the treatment of Chukovsky, A. Kapitsa, I. Karnaukhova. On each page you will find a wonderful new Kotofey! Material - thick cardboard. Figures remarkable artist Alisa Poret.

2. Samuel Marshak. Cat house.

Author: Marshak Samuil

Artist: Yury Vasnetsov

Publisher: Melik-Pashayev, 2014

We all remember the nursery rhyme "Tili-tili-tili-bom! Cat house caught fire. " But not everyone knows that it served the idea to write the play by Samuil Marshak "Cat House".

An instructive little worsted story with a happy ending of a cat that loses the house after a fire and finds refuge with orphans, kittens, which Vasily Koshkin janitor Côte even on the threshold has not started.

A wonderful language, humor, dynamic plot, the characters familiar, easy-to-understand morality do "Cat House" favorite piece of adults and children. Very pleased that in the bookshops can be found remarkable edition of the book with the same time realistic and fantastic illustrations Vasnetsov. Classical Russian literature for children!

3. Vladimir Matveev. Look at the kittens.

Author: Vladimir Matveev

Artist: Charles George N.

Publisher: Rech, 2015

His short poem by Vladimir Matveyev with funny illustrations by George Charles, make this book easy to remember. Typical characters rivet attention, amuse toddlers and make young readers to look at ourselves.

The whole company of funny kittens settled in the pages of this book.

4. Evgeny Charushin. Friends.

Author: Evgeny Charushin

Artist: Charushin Evgeny, Charushin Nikita E.

Publisher: Swallowtail, 2015

A collection of stories about the mischievous kitten Tyupke, his mother, affectionate Punko, and other animals. Remarkable good stories naturalist Charushin will not leave indifferent neither kids nor adults. Funny stories from the life of animals will interest young readers. Why, for example, a kitten called Tyupu Tyupoy? Read this book. A series of stories about the domestic and wild animals supplemented with wonderful illustrations by the author and his son.

5. Ann Jonas. Martin, Kid and Talking Book: The Story of the old library.

Author: Ann Jonas

Artist: Crozet F.

Translator: I. Bokova

Publisher: ENAS-BOOK 2015

Older kids will not leave indifferent the book "Martin, Kid and Talking Book". Wonderful, insightful, kind and fascinating story about a brave little mouse little kid who lives in a library. Talking Book, which once met Babe, taught him to read. And it's not only saved his life, but also helped find a wonderful friend - a cat Martin. How did this happen? You will learn by reading this book. The book is beautiful in content and design. It teaches us not to retreat in face of difficulties and believe in themselves. The child will enjoy colorful illustrations on every turn.