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Children's Day at home birth

An important day in the life of the child and his parents is his birthday. And you always want it to be fun and memorable for a long time. Of course, the easiest way to book a holiday in the children's room or in a holiday agency. But this option is not many can afford, so I want to share with you interesting games, that will enliven your holiday home.

Children's Day at home birth A game "Fairy tale"

In this game can participate srl all guests, regardless of their age. The protagonist is a leading, or rather the narrator. Nazavem its Oli Lukoe. Its role is best to choose an adult or a child who is well and expressively reads. The rest of the roles are distributed on request. Tale can be any obsalyutno. The examples are given tale turnip. 

Actors: turnip, grandfather, grandmother, granddaughter, bugs, cat and mouse. 

The actors are given leaflets with their text. The text should be simple, just one sentence. For example: my grandfather: - "where my gun ?!" Grandma: - "ooh-ooh, cakes burn". Granddaughter: - "I have not nakrasili!" Beetle: - "Woof woof". Cat: - "myayayayau". Mouse: - "pee-pee". Repka - "both on!" Also, for each character you can think of a characteristic movement.

The meaning of the game is simple. The narrator reads the well-known fairy tale. But as soon as the actor hears the name of his hero, he says his line, and performs movement. It looks like this: "Planted grandfather - where my gun ?! turnip - Wow ...!"

It is important to remember that children do not like to sit still, so it is important to alternate quiet games to mobile.

A game "The pigs, frogs"

Which child is not known dance the funky chicken? For this game will be well prepared in advance of this beloved music dance. Guys should be divided into two teams. One team of pigs, the second - frogs. Setting davolno simple dance to the music of the guys will come up with ducklings dancing frogs and pigs. Especially the right in the game. It's just a great excuse to dance and wriggle.