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Children the same age: how to prepare for the birth of her second child

More and more modern mothers dare to have a second child, without leaving the holiday for the first child. Someone get pregnant accidentally, and someone specifically wants children with a small age difference. Maternal capital also encourages many to take this step. Although the young mother has no time to forget all the nuances associated with the appearance of the little man in the family, she had to prepare for and take into account some new points

Children the same age: how to prepare for the birth of her second child

Where is the newborn to sleep?

This question raises the very first. Sleeper second child have to be protected from the senior. After all, he might inadvertently hurt or jealousy crumbs. Stability of the crib - an important characteristic of her in such a situation. If its design has wheels, make sure they lock function. Otherwise, the first child will simply roll the bed across the room.

Cot or crib is better to put in a room in advance to the older child had to play with it, got used to it. Then, with the birth of a brother or sister is less likelihood that it will cause a rapid cot interest of their first child.

Where to keep the baby awake?

Mother of two small children constantly need free hands. When a baby is one, there is a possibility for a long time to keep it on hand. But with two children is already difficult, needed attention to both. For example, the older it is necessary to feed, and the youngest does not sleep, and capricious, so it is necessary to take with you to the kitchen.

Mom necessarily provide a place where it will leave the baby. It is convenient to use the chaise longue. It fastened baby can not fall out, and from the proper motions will be rocking himself. Avtolyulki with flat bottom also suitable for such purposes.

In the extreme case, the first time you can use the portability. But her baby tossed freely and can drop her from the chair. So it's only a temporary measure.


Also not extra furniture in the nursery - a playpen. From the moment a baby starts to roll over and crawl in it is very convenient to leave it. The walls of the arena will not allow crumbs drove off in a dangerous place, as well as protection from the older child. After all, if the baby just put on the floor, his brother or sister can come to him.

Ergo backpack or sling

When my mother is going to both get away somewhere to go hands-free it is extremely necessary. Sooner or later you have to go to the clinic or to the store with the two children. In this case it is to get a sling or backpack ergo,. So mom will be able to safely carry the arm or older to wear it when junior will sleep or look around in a safe place - on her body.


Once a woman finds out about the pregnancy second child, it is better to do the first weaning the child from the stroller. The sooner he gets used to walk their feet, the better. If it is up to the birth of the second baby will ride in a wheelchair, then it becomes a big problem. Mom just will not be able to walk with two children.

These are the most important points that have to take into account the appearance of a second child in a family with a small difference from the first. Other problems can already be solved as they grow older two children.