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Children without shouting

Very often parents yell at children or without cause. But is it possible in such a way to educate the younger generation? Will improve if the relationship between parents and children, if they are constantly screaming?

Children without shouting

Margaret Thatcher said the right words: "If you have to prove your authority to others, then you do not have them." When you cry, you lose credibility in the eyes of a child and show him his weakness. Sometimes the children, of course, is to shout, but most importantly, what emotions are you doing, and why.

Very often, especially mothers, they shout at the child, because they are tired, upset about something, and shout through the splash their emotions. However, the child often does not understand the reason why it began to cry.

Boys and girls should be brought up differently. The father must inculcate future main man masculine qualities, one of them - is the ability to control their emotions. This quality will allow him to succeed in life. Without this quality to it will be treated leniently, even loved ones.

If a girl does not understand, where are the different emotions and what to do with them, it pushes itself into a real trap fears and complexes. The girl - the expectant mother, it will also bring up their children.

The parent makes the children cry unsure of themselves and in their abilities, making them unstable mentality. Parent - the main defender in the eyes of a child, and when the quarterback yells at them, the children do not know what to do.

To cope with his bad mood, which sees in a scream, you need control. If you can not control their emotions, to pluck the cry, it should at least explain to the child that you are shouting at him, not because he is bad, but because he did something wrong. If you can not help, you can ask the child to remind you that yelling is not good. This saves some of your child's cry, plus it will establish the relationship.

Most often screams mom, so you need to restore the maternal force by known methods of raising female energy. Take time for yourself, enjoy a favorite thing, go for a massage. Include in their lives and education of humor. When you want to yell at the baby, change a rude word in earnest.

Children feel very good mood. Therefore, it is important to explain to your child that you do not feel very well. If you respect the child, listen to his opinion, he said, and then your words that come from the heart, reach him faster. Remember that the word abuse greatly injure the child.