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Choosing a toy for a baby

Toys help the child emerge as individuals and develop their horizons. A well-chosen toys teach your baby distinguish between sounds and colors are introduced to shapes and volumes, developing physical abilities and mental qualities, helping to raise the moral principles and are introduced to the outside world.

Choosing a toy for a baby

Instruction choose a toy for a baby

Step 1:

It is impossible to imagine without the baby toys. Little man toy will accompany for years, even as adults, getting into the toy store, we rejoice in the beautiful dolls and large machines. By choosing toys should be approached responsibly. Excluding all those that are in danger - sharp edges and details can hurt the baby, but not small solid fragments of the product can fall off and be swallowed by a child. In infancy kid yourself can not play, he just watches the unknown forms and listening to the unfamiliar sounds. The ideal option for a month-old baby will be - hanging over the crib various forms of toys, spinning slowly and emits a quiet gentle melody.

Step 2:

Growing up, the kid is trying to take the arms of funny little things kindly put mom in a crib. Here we must be especially careful, toys suited to large parts, light and bright. Interesting for the baby to be toys with muzzles - roly-poly, various small animals with pronounced muzzles, rubber Tweeters and colorful rattles. Pay special attention to the color of toys, paint is coated toy to be harmless. Colour products are not frightening, appropriate colors are bright and cheerful. When buying toys ask a certificate for the product. Made a sound objects should cause joyful emotions and have a soft sound. The variety of sounds encourage the baby to catch the difference sounds of a toy. The child listens to different music sounds, it produces an interest in music and developed ear.

Step 3:

Fashioned from bright, beautiful fabric soft toy, fingers feeling the fabric, baby acquainted with a different structure toy. The development of tactile sensations affect the brain child of the parent. The greater the variety of toys, the better the baby develops.