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Christmas cards: how to make them with your children

The most expensive gifts - hand made, and especially pleased to receive something personally made their child. For children, this is not only an opportunity to make someone nice, but also lots of fun from the manufacturing process.

Christmas cards: how to make them with your children

You will need:

- construction paper; - Wool; - semolina; - Glue; - Markers and paints.

Instruction New Year cards: how to make them with your children

Step 1:

Children often ask for help in the manufacture of cards to the parents, and if they want to make a card for the parents, to grandparents or sisters. Show your interest in this matter, and to participate in it should be unobtrusive, so that the child feels that he has made this card.

Step 2:

For Christmas cards may need 2 sheets of heavy paper or cardboard, scissors, paint or crayons, glue and semolina. One sheet of paper fold in half, and it is the basis of cards. The second sheet must also be folded in half, and cut square, only on three sides, the fourth face and a cut is not necessary to fold itself to his fold. On it you can then paste something.

Step 3:

After you deploy the sheet, you should get a kind podstavochki (She received, if the box is turned outwards), it can be pasted, for example, the Christmas tree. Then glue the first and second sheets so that when you open podstavochki "traveled". On the outer side of the card can be drawn winter landscape, Santa Claus, Snow White - a lot of options, depending on your fantasies together.

Step 4:

Inside the card you can also paint on your taste, the main thing - leave the place, so you can write greetings. Semolina is useful for the image of snow on the card. It is necessary to spread the adhesive paper, pour on top of the rump, and then turn the sheet. Some cereals will remain glued to the paper. Thus, it is possible to decorate painted Christmas trees, snowman or a Santa Claus hat. Use cotton wool for applications, such as image or snowman bunny.

Step 5:

Options for Christmas cards can be set, using all possible tools - corrugated paper, markers and stickers. The main thing is that the child most of the actions carried out by himself. And it is important that the card was signed by the child, it is so nice to read such congratulations!