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Composition of how to teach a child with examples

To school the child should not only be able to read, but also to know the composition of. What is the composition of the numbers? Simply put, it's a couple of small numbers, which can be divided into a large number. For example, the number 3 consists of the numbers 1 and 2. Teach the child of composition is quite simple, but if the child is not yet 5 years old, it is better to do it in a playful way.

Composition of how to teach a child with examples

You will need:

- cards with numbers and images of objects; - Objects: sticks, nuts, candy, etc.

Instruction part of how to teach a child with examples

Step 1:

First, teach baby numbers to 10. Prepare a card with numbers and a picture of any object. For example, next to the number 5 will flit 5 butterflies. Show your child the card every week study any figure. Let the child finds this number at home or on the street, three clubs, two cars, etc.

Step 2:

When a child learns good numbers up to 10, proceed to the addition and subtraction. During the day, ask your child questions: two white balls and one blue - how many? There were four dice, if one take much left? Do not be intrusive, even if the child perceives it as a game. If the child is not interesting or complicated set aside until the training, it is possible that such problems is to decide early for him. From time to time renew attempts, look for something that is interesting for him. Maybe he does not want to consider the cubes, but with pleasure considers sparrows on the tree or cookies.

Step 3:

When a child learns addition and subtraction, proceed to the next step. Suggest expanded three sticks into two piles. He quickly realizes that this can be done only in two ways 1 + 2 or 1 + 2. This is part of the number 3. Also in a relaxed form to ask your child questions about the composition of numbers. For example, as can be divided into 5 nuts between two or four squirrels sweets between two children? As a rule, children quickly learn to solve such problems on the example of chocolates.

Step 4:

At school, the child will need not only a quantitative concept of number (eg, 5 subjects), but also the sequence (for example, fifth). So when he learned all of these skills, you teach him to consider abstract numbers. Now ask him examples with numbers, not apples and diced. One session should not last longer than 15 minutes, the child simply can not focus well. To whet your interest in learning, arrange a small competition: let the kid a candy apple or three correct answers. It is possible that it will go faster.