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Daytime sleep in children

The fact that daytime sleep for children from birth up to 6-7 years of important, have even stopped talking. And very much in vain. Many parents have forgotten about it. And like the kid does not sleep during the day, and nothing has changed. It is better to lie down to sleep at night. It's misleading to parents harms children so that it is difficult even to imagine.

Daytime sleep in children

More recently, the problem of children's afternoon nap engaged the University of Colorado. The results amazed everyone. Regular gaps afternoon nap at preschool lead to irreversible emotional disturbances. In adult life, these kids will have problems with emotional expression and independence.

Lack of daytime sleep baby face increased levels of anxiety, the fading of curiosity and positive attitude to the world. There is a risk of chronic bad mood for life. It grows so pessimistic. 

If parents are unable to put the baby to sleep during the day, they break his emotional sphere. Daytime sleep - this is the only way to sleep all the required daily allowance clock necessary for the proper functioning of the child's body. Not have enough sleep the baby has a problem of socialization in children's group, it can not properly respond to a situation that leads to hysteria and nervous breakdowns.

In studies of children were compared not with each other, and each child regularly slept during the day, compared with them, deprived of sleep daily for a certain period. Nespavshie day the children lost themselves in all possible indicators. They slowly collected puzzles, quickly irritated, reacted sharply to the acute situation. Children's faces were videotaped and analizirovati on emotions such as joy, sadness, disappointment, interest, anger, shame, and disgust. So children are sleeping during the day showed the result of 34% higher than Sleepless all the positive emotions. And 39% lower in the negative.

Scientists note that most of the loss occurs in the daytime sleep vozreste 2 or 3 years for the reason that parents are losing control over the child and can not put him to bed. At this age children formed the strategy of emotional behavior, feelings, laying deep feelings.

Thus, the purpose roditeleydo 2 years to instill child love to day dream, attitude, as a boon. The main way - clear and constantly observe the regime. And, of course, your own example and a positive attitude on the naps. With the loss of daytime sleep better option is to return him. This will require much more internal strength and patience. Try the early climbs, examples from the literature, peer examples. Sometimes it is easier to do in a new situation, for example, when moving house or my grandmother. Where the child has no experience "Sleepless days".