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Development of creative abilities of children

Creative people always find a way out of difficult situations, for them there are no unsolvable problems. Every human nature laid creativity. Adults need to develop these skills in their children.

Development of creative abilities of children

In preschool and younger age develop creative abilities through games. You also need to engage with the child drawing, reading, modeling, knitting, sewing, and, of course, do not forget to tell the tale. Encourage your child not just to portray an animal, and, for example, to draw animals from another planet, witch house from a fairy tale, then to come up with the story of these heroes. And if you do not understand that depicted the child, be sure to ask him what it is.

To develop the child's imagination can be achieved by the use of any objects: turn an ordinary box into the house, an old boot in the ship.

Many believe that the imagination of adults much less developed than in children. In fact, adults simply pay less attention to this, as has already become accustomed to act on templates. The child does not know all these patterns and schemes, so trying to learn everything on their own. In no case can not prevent it.

Fertile ground for the development of imagination is listening to fairy tales, and reading fiction. The child is mentally plot development, the appearance of the characters.

Children need to give the emotions that evoke further creative activities: you can go to the puppet theater, a circus, a zoo; Try to reduce the child in an amusement park. The apartment is a favorable environment for creativity to be created: paint for child, colored pens and pencils, paper should be available to your child. The dream of many children - to draw on the wallpaper, take a special place in the room for the baby to hang drawing paper, but do not allow him to draw directly on the wallpaper. Decorate the room a child of his creations. Remember that emotions give rise to the imagination, and imagination gives birth to creativity.