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Do I need to remove the tonsils in children

Many kids go through this problem - enlarged tonsils. Removal of the tonsils, of course, would solve many problems, but it is necessary.

Do I need to remove the tonsils in children

The tonsils serve as a kind of barrier to prevent the penetration of germs and viruses. They (the amygdala) are "smart" that they can scan and analyze the degree of danger of uninvited guests. What starts to hurt, especially when infected with influenza or SARS in the first place? That's right, his throat. Because the amygdala took the brunt.

How to save and strengthen a child's tonsils

• The first rule - regular and proper oral care!

• The second rule - regular walks in the fresh air. If you live in the city, try to get out of his line at least once a week.

• Proper nutrition - in a child's diet must include foods containing vitamin C, A and E, zinc, selenium. Find information about that and what is possible and in printed publications, the internet, or to consult with a physician.

Remove tonsils or not?

It is scientifically proven that the removal of the tonsils has a negative impact on the state of immunity, and in nulliparous women, this operation can cause infertility or difficulty conceiving.

How to remove the tonsils

• The classical method - ENT scrapes or cuts the tonsils with special tools. Plus the fact that the wounds heal quickly. Negative - excessive bleeding during and after surgery.

• Thermocoagulation - tonsil tissue laser evaporated. Plus - bloodless and painless. Minus - a long rehabilitation period.

• Freezing - for removing used liquid nitrogen. Plus - the possibility of using the technique in cases where surgical method can not be applied. Minus - an unpleasant procedure, bad breath for some time after the manipulation, frozen tissue remains in the neck.