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Educational games: Beads

Developing the game can be made from any material at hand. Here, for example, wooden beads. They can be strung on a rope, chosen strictly by color or in a predetermined sequence, to compare the shape and size. Beads can be bought in haberdashery or make your own. The main thing is that they are large enough.

Educational games: Beads

You will need:

- wooden beads of different sizes; - Oil or acrylic paint; - Multi-colored laces; - Needle file; - Colored hooks.

Instruction educational games: Beads

Step 1:

To make the game start with the selection of beads. It is best to take, of course, wood. But you can use the old large plastic beads, and even knitted. It is better if the beads are of different shapes. The holes need to consume them, that they can move freely around the lace. A needle and thread a small child to give is not worth it. The holes chisel conventional needle files.

Step 2:

For a child 2-3 years make beads four primary colors: red, blue, yellow and green. Paint the beads in matching colors with oil or acrylic paint and let dry. The game is almost ready. You just have to pick up the laces of the respective colors and strung beads. A child older need a greater variety - laces can be of different lengths, beads - different shapes and different sizes.

Step 3:

How to play with beads? The easiest option for kids - strung beads on a string matching color. As soon as the baby is the master, offer other options. For example, each bead string to 4 different color beads. Older child may be assigned to distribute the beads so that each cord was a cube, ball, egg and pyramid or positioned to bead in size, from the largest to the smallest. You can offer different and alternation - big red bead alternates with two small yellow, etc. In short, a great variety of options, and to make such a game possible in the two accounts.

Step 4:

Do not scold the child, if it is used for other purposes beads. For example, will put them on the doll. This, too, can be turned into an interesting developmental game - for example, to pick up the beads under the doll dress.