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Educational games: Bear

Kids love the homemade toys, and the farm-needlewoman mother always there, from which sew a doll or teddy bear. Planar Bear will bring your kid many benefits, but it can be done in just one hour. If you have curly and dense fabric scissors, you cope more quickly.

Educational games: Bear

You will need:

- dense fabric; - Buttons; - Scraps; - Thread for embroidery; - A pair of scissors; - a piece of chalk; - blade; - The machine with overlock; - Buttons or beads.

Instruction educational games: Bear

Step 1:

Making a start with toys pattern. It is very easy. Bear Head is a circle, to which are fastened two small semi-circle - ears. The body - oval. The tabs may also be in the form of ovals, but if desired they can be made and bent. Head draw with a compass, but you can cut around and some round object. Pattern of the body can be done by circling the tub for pupsika or anything like that. However, a very lovely toys produced and the patterns painted on the eye. In any case, you need a circle, 1 large wide oval, long oval 4 smaller and 2 small semicircle. Incidentally, the details Mishutka can not only make, but also to bind.

Step 2:

If the fabric is thick enough, just move on her part and cut. Bear will appear fuzzy if cut scalloped scissors. Details of the granular tissue is best to treat the overlock or sheathe a loop seam by hand contour. If you you have only a thin one-sided fabric, it is better to make a two-layer bear, and even duplicate the interlining or make a pad of syntepon. In the first case, first duplicate parts, then put them face, prostrochite on a path, leaving a small opening. Remove the head, torso, legs and ears and otutyuzhte. Seal holes a hidden seam. In the manufacture of products with seal baste sintepon to the wrong side of one of the parts, apply a second workpiece to coincide faces, prostrochite and remove. The holes patched.

Step 3:

Draw the eyes, nose and mouth. Their best embroider, especially if you make a toy for young preschool. Buttons or beads, he may simply bite off, that is unsafe. Especially for satin stitch.

Step 4:

Mark the space for buttons. Be sure that the tabs are fastened to the body rather than the torso to the legs, that is, the buttons should be on the big oval, including the one to which the head is fastened. To head fastened ears. Cut the loop. It is convenient to do a conventional blade for shaving. If you have a thick woolen cloth, loop can be used to sew not.