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Educational games: bunny

Educational games and toys are not redundant. The benefit of these is undeniable, and they can do the most different materials. Bunny, whose legs and head are fastened to the body, it is very easy to tie or sew from a dense fabric. Knit toys like best hook and yarn can be used most different, suitable even colored residues.

Educational games: bunny

You will need:

- remnants of yarn; - Hook the thickness of yarn; - Buttons; - Thread for embroidery; - A needle.

Instruction educational games: bunny

Step 1:

Knit toys start with the largest items, ie the torso. It will not have any openings. It is an oval with sewn buttons. To begin with tie string of air loops. Its length depends on the future size of the hare. For example, loops 10-15. The chain in terms of short-circuit. At the beginning of the first row make a couple of loops on the rise and knit a number of columns without nakida. Dovyazav to the first chain loop, loop knit 1 3. The second row knit the other side of the chain to get a long oval. Then knit in a circle, uniformly increasing the number of loops. The order of addition may be different, but must be obtained flat oval. Knit thus 10-12 loops, tear off the thread, tighten knot and hide the tip between the posts.

Step 2:

The legs and ears are knitted about the same as the trunk, only stitches at the starting chain should be about a third less. However, if the items turn out too big, nothing terrible will happen. You just create your own image of the bunny. Your creation in any way will appeal to your child, so that the act boldly. Decide where the tabs will be the bottom. From this side to do loops. The process of registration is not complicated: in a row over a group of columns provyazyvaete the same amount of stitches in the next - in the resulting arc knit the desired number of columns. Similarly, loops are made and paws.

Step 3:

The head of the Bunny - a circle with one loop on the chin. Begin to knit the piece with a chain of 4-5 air loops, closed in the ring. Similarly, as the oval, circle should remain flat. This means that at certain intervals need to add loops. hook loop is added as follows: in the previous row bar anchored two or three, depending on the dimensions of the part. Loops do exactly the same as on the ears and legs. You needed to sew muzzle - eyes, nose, mouth and round cheeks. By the way, his cheeks can do applique and embroider on their mustaches.

Step 4:

You have only to collect your bunny. Sew buttons on the body 5: 2 for the rear and front paws and 1 for the head. It is better if the buttons are the same. But at the head, where are the ears, you can sew buttons smaller.