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Educational games: geometric mosaic

The child will be much more confident feel in school, if the seven years he has learned to navigate the world. It is this goal are developing games. With the help of geometric mosaic, he will learn to distinguish between good shape and color, the right and left hand, put the drawings on the model and plan, etc. Make a mosaic can be a couple of hours.

Educational games: geometric mosaic

You will need:

- PVC tiles; - Plywood; - Cardboard; - Flat foam; - A sharp knife; - Jigsaw; - Pencil; - ball pen; - Drawing equipment; - A computer with a graphical editor; - Printer.

Instruction educational games: geometric mosaic

Step 1:

Play with geometric mosaics can be anywhere: on the floor, on the table. Your task - to cut the figures of various shapes. There should be as much as possible. To begin, draw them on a sheet of heavy paper: 4-5 dots of different diameters, large and small squares, rectangles, triangles, trapezoids, ovals. Cut out stencils and move them to the material of which will make a mosaic. Very good, if after repairs have remained PVC tiles of several colors. But such a mosaic can be monochrome.

Step 2:

Cut out the figures. PVC tile is cut perfectly sharp knife stationery. Even better, if you have a special knife for linoleum. Elements for a mosaic of plywood is best, of course, to cut a jigsaw, in which case the normal is more appropriate than electric. Plywood parts to be treated cloth.

Step 3:

Well, if you were renovated pieces penofol or other similar material. In this case, the game can be done in just a few minutes, cut these materials easily, and the details are obtained perfectly smooth. Draw on this material handy ballpoint pen.

Step 4:

An important point - the preparation of sample images. They needed a small child. Think that can be folded from a mosaic: a square house with a triangular roof and a rectangular window, dolls of the four circles of different sizes, a pyramid of several ovals, circles and flowers, etc. Take a picture in a graphics program and print. Samples can draw and if you know how it is.

Step 5:

To lay the tiles are not just anywhere, scroll to your baby a few boxes. They can be nice to paste over. In each box add elements of a certain type. All boxes can be folded into a small bag or box. In order to fit the most common images folder file.