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Ergo backpacks for the children. Secrets of choice

One of the latest innovations that have emerged on the market of children's goods, is ergo backpack. It is convenient and safe for baby carrying. Ergo-called backpacks and sling backpacks and ergonomic carrying. Comfortable device significantly make life easier for parents - they can wear the baby for a walk in the store, the trip. Their main advantage - the benefits for the baby. In what it is expressed?

Ergo backpacks for the children. Secrets of choice

Popular Today ergo backpacks provide physiologic posture crumbs. Special carrying ideally distributes the weight of a small "passenger", so the load on the baby's spine not rest products are not rigid and soft. Wear children ergo backpack is recommended 3-4 months. Accessories not only give parents freedom of movement, but also help take care of the health of the child.

The ergo-backpack kid takes the same position that he was sitting on the hands of the mother. Pose "frog" suggests widespread breeding legs, allowing the crumb does not feel discomfort. This situation is also for the prevention of hip dysplasia. Choosing Baby Soup, modern parents give their children the best of everything.

How to wear baby in ergo-backpack?

Manufacturers offer a wide range of perenosok, so moms and dads can now purchase ergonomic backpacks for a boy or a girl, twins, in winter or summer. Inside the backpack kid little body pressed against an adult, so he can feel the warmth and intimacy of a loved one. Unlike Kangaroo rucksack, ergonomic products have a positive effect on the development of the child's posture. 

Ergo backpacks common with traditional slings so that they can feed the baby feeding. To do this, you only need to find a good position. At the same time hide from the eyes of others will be able to not only by the backpack, you can cover a scarf or jacket.

Ergonomic carrying or anatomical provide convenience and the baby and mother. The backpack that provides physiologic child pose, wearing a crumb easily. When walking the baby as close to her mother, so she can monitor his condition - correct or remove the pacifier panamku. The legs of the child will be pressed against the body of an adult, they will not interfere during movement.

Select ergo backpack

When selecting an ergonomic backpack is important to consider the composition and coloring fabrics. Ideally, this should be a natural, durable materials that portability can be washed without fear. Colors should be pleasing to the eye and not too bright, so as not to cause irritation. Check the fastenings.

Most ergo-designed backpacks for children older than 4 months, but you can find the model and for babies from 1.5 months. It is important to choose the right weight portability crumbs to the inside of a backpack kid sitting correctly. The first sign that the product is not the right size - folds on the back. Better to take a model that allows you to adjust to the child, relaxing or tightening straps on the back, legs in the area.

Find the best backpack can be for a boy or girl up to 20 kg. When buying a backpack ergo it is desirable to try on in the store portability. Judging by the reviews of satisfied parents, most moms and dads like model with wide straps - they do not cut into the shoulders, do not rub the skin of the back is not strained. 

Very popular anatomical backpacks with special plates - when the baby teeth begin to erupt, he will be able to use such devices. Of course, lining removable and easy to clean. There are models with headrests - for children who still do not hold a head.

Conveniently, when a lot of backpack storage compartments purse, pacifiers, bottles, handkerchief. For windy weather and cold weather will help you ergo backpacks with hoods. They will protect the baby from blowing cold air. Some are carrying extra bags for baby feet. 

All the benefits of ergo-packs:

Ensuring child physiologic posture; Taking care of baby safety; Mobility for parents; Easy to use - no need for any instructions and training; The ability to breastfeed your baby in the horizontal and vertical position; A wide range of models; Availability of accessories and light weight backpack.

Practical, easy to use, physiological ergo backpack would be the best gift for mom and baby! This is a healthy and easy way to carry a child on a journey, or during shopping trips.