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Exercises for flat feet in children

Flat feet in children is common. Many parents face the same problem during the formation of the foot - this is the age of about 2-3 years. There are special exercises that should be performed every day to strengthen the muscles of the legs and ligaments. In this flat will decrease, formed the right arch of the foot. These exercises are suitable for children and other abnormalities in the development of the legs, as well as a fully healthy for prevention.

Exercises for flat feet in children

Instruction exercises for flat feet in children

Step 1:

Walking on toes is one of the easiest exercises for flat feet - walking on tiptoes. that's what the kid develops the first ever Of all the exercises. To help the child to stand and walk on their toes, it is necessary to take in hand and pull up. It is necessary to try to raise his hands as high as possible, so that it was literally on the fingers of feet. First, you can work out just to get up on your toes and go down immediately. And then connect the already walking. As long as the child learns to balance himself completely, it is necessary to maintain the hands, occasionally pulling up, if it falls on the foot.

Step 2:

Walking on the heels of this exercise more difficult than the previous one; for his development of the baby will need more time and help of an adult. If the child is still very young and not so long ago learned to walk, the exercise is carried out as follows: adult sitting on his lap, and the kid standing in front of wraps her arms around his neck, the parent takes the child with his hands feet. Sama Mom puts the baby on pyatochku leg, bending and straightening the leg at the knee alternately. When a child will remember this movement, we can begin to walk on his heels with support for first under the back (behind the child is an adult), and then, and only by the handles. Independently on the heels child will not immediately.

Step 3:

Bruin Bear Walking on the outer side of the foot - a useful exercise in all types of flatfoot. There are different variations of its execution. Firstly, it is important to teach a child to expand on the outer edge of the foot. This is done well, as described above with walking on your heels. Second, you can walk like a bear clumsy. Thirdly, on the outer side of the foot is useful to walk in a straight line. Keep trajectory difficult kid in the head, it is better to use a bright ribbon, well attached to the floor. For starters, you can get behind the child and spend it on the tape by deploying their own hands his feet on the outer edge.

Step 4:

Rolling from the toe to the heel do the exercises on the spot. For supporting the use of adult hands or sofa. Roll the foot from toe to heel and back preferably through the outer edge. While doing so may have grown up children. Those who are younger, just get up first on the toes, then on pyatochku.

Step 5:

Standing on one leg in the most difficult option exercise is performed without support. But the kids is very difficult given. In any case, stand on one leg, even holding something that strengthens the ligaments of the foot, as well as develops the vestibular apparatus (equilibrium organ). It is interesting to stand so competing with the parents.

Step 6:

Sensory stimulation stop Influence on foot can be a variety of ways. The most simple - buy a special mat and lay it in a place in which the child often passes. Another option - to pour sand into the box, buttons or pebbles and put back the baby, that he stamped his feet. In the summer are perfect walking on the beach and grass barefoot.

Step 7:

Walking the ball for exercise will need a small rubber ball. It is sandwiched between the thighs of the child and allowed to pass at least a few steps. Little is necessary to undress panties, pants prevent hard to keep the ball. As the ball will have to change to larger size.

Step 8:

Sport activities Biking, swimming and any physical activity on the child's body strengthens muscles, including legs. Therefore, exercise - a mandatory attribute of a child's life.