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Games with a baby at the age of one year

At the age of one year to engage specifically it is too early at this time to help develop attention and curiosity will help the game.

Games with a baby at the age of one year

One year old child actively learns. He was aware of a real person. At this age, it is necessary to teach the baby to observe the world around them, to listen to the words of adults. But to engage specifically it is too early at this time to help develop attention and curiosity will help the game. 

Play with your baby can be anywhere: at home, on the street during a walk, in a car. Through the games the child develops better speech and orientation in the world.Play can be anywhere

Parents need to know that sometimes, mastering some new skill, the child may begin to act up, irritated roll hysteria. Do not fret, in response to it, and help him with kind words, affection and tenderness.

What games to play year-old baby

Let's start with the educational games.

Music game

"Doll with teddy bear stomp loudly" or "doll comes with a cube." Humming songs and follow the steps. First, let the child is watching you, he will soon turn into a game.

Wonderful bag

Take out of the bag of familiar objects and try speaking them, even if the child tries to repeat after you.

Playing with doll

Lay the doll to sleep, and ride it to the car, let splyashet doll. Be sure to give the doll a simple name.

"Delicious jam"

Very interesting game for a one year old baby. It is necessary to take the kid's favorite jam and smear his lower lip and let him lick her tongue, then lubricate the upper lip. The child is actively working tongue during gaming activities and become more talkative.

finger games

The development of speech and promote finger games. Read baby poems in which there are listings and simultaneously rolling your fingers to him. Straighten them, pat palm, finger paint on it a circular motion.


Teach your toddler to string rings on a pyramid, this game is perfectly develops coordination of hand movements. Show your child how to capture the rings with your fingertips so that it encircled the ring from the top, or you can bow on the side with your thumb and index finger.

Playing with balloon

Children love to play with sharammiKids love balloons. Put a ball on the couch and blow on it. The ball will fly. Let the kid catches up with him. In the next lesson, teach the child to blow on the ball. It is a well developed lungs. Let it blows on the ball and catches it. This game is great helps sensory development. Be sure to call him the color of the ball.

The game with the machine

Roll to the baby car. Say "BBC. Here's how the machine is buzzing. " Ask your toddler to repeat after you. Push the machine and say, "Let's go bi-bi". Now let the kid himself it ride and pobibikaet.


Very old nursery rhyme "Ladushki-Okay," but still loved by many kids and their parents. A child watching adults, learns to understand it, and repeat the action. Play it begin long before the year, but after a year, we must not forget about the nursery rhymes. Pronounces it and show it, "to the little head of the village", "rooster singing" mashite handles "shu-shu" flew. Also, children are very fond of Tales "Thumb Thumb", "goat-horned," "Forty-crow." 

Scribble with crayons

Give your child crayons and a piece of paper or a piece of old wallpaper. Show him how to keep and what can they do. Great lesson for coordination

Hide and Seek

A very useful game for physical development. Let the kid take up his chair and crouches. Show him how it's done. Kids really like to hide in this way. Teach your child to close his eyes with his hands and say: "Cuckoo!" Kids in the year really like to play

"On" and "Give"

Take the doll and fruits or vegetables. Give a doll and say banana "on banana!" Put it next to the doll. Then ask the doll: "Give, banana!" And take it myself Let child repeat after you.


Play with the baby with blocks. Build up of these castles, pyramids. Of course, first you have to do everything ourselves, and the child will only destroy. As time passes, he and the kid starts to put the cubes.

Tips for parents Always point the baby in the game, otherwise it will remain for a long time and secured monotonous primitive actions. Do not worry if your child does not turn out to repeat the action right away, he will get used to over time. At this age, children have attention still unstable. Be sure to praise your baby for the slightest success, even if it turns out badly.