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Gift for the teacher in kindergarten

In our country it is customary to give gifts to teachers and teachers for all holidays, including professional. Flowers, candy and tea - a traditional gifts, which is no surprise. After receiving such a gift, a teacher can hardly remember who gave it. What would be the best gift to man, and will remind you of?

Gift for the teacher in kindergarten

Consider several options for gifts, which seem to be the most successful.

1. Wall newspaper "We are grateful for ...". Draw on behalf of all the parents a small placard with the gratitude for fun events, interesting activities, love for children, etc. Ask each parent to write something on my own, stick to a poster with photos of joint events. Your teachers will be very pleased!

2. Tea - unoriginal gift, but if you give the tea in a pretty jar or box, for it is quite possible to expect that, after drinking tea, people will keep a beautiful container and will use it in the household.

3. If you give certificates for a small amount - giving the same certificate for all holidays. So people will be able to save on the purchase of standing with folded all the certificates together.

4. Stationery. People whose work is related to the conduct of documentation (educators, teachers, doctors), you can always give a good handle, beautiful notebook, a convenient folder, folder, etc. These things are useful to them in the work, and they will remember you with gratitude.

5. Kitchen utensils. You can donate anything from kitchen utensils. It can be large and expensive service or nice comfortable little thing, for example, a glass cutting board, stand a spoon or saucer for tea bags.

6. A mug for tea. If you know that your tutors drink tea at work, and it is likely it is, then we can give them a nice cup of tea.

7. Books. The book - a great gift for the teacher, and the children in the group. Giving a good collection of fairy tales, or handbook, for example, for conducting mass events, you just kill two birds with one stone - will please the tutor and make life more interesting his pupils.

8. Flowers from balloons. Such a bouquet that complements your main gift will delight and educator and children!

9. Gift of interest. Learn better the person you are planning to make a gift. Some of us love to sew or embroider, someone to cook, there are collectors and people who have a genuine hobby among us. Make a gift in accordance with the interests of the person. Thus, the numismatist can give a set of collector coins, knit lover - a set of yarn, the photographer - album or photo frames, etc. If you know that a person loves jewelry - give a comfortable box or holder for rings and necklaces.

10. Themed gifts. Of course, there are holidays, the theme of which determines a gift that we can give. On New Year's Eve, for example, a good gift would be a set of Christmas tree balls and beautiful glowing statue.

Here are some gift ideas for your tutors or teachers.