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Giraffe - toy clamshell 3D

Master toy of paper with their parents, that could be more interesting? Armed with the necessary tools and inventory, we start to work!

Giraffe - toy clamshell 3D

You will need:

- Two sheets of color image pattern. To do this, you need to save these pictures to a disk or flash drive and print in the center, which provide services for photocopying. - White piece of cardboard. On colored sheets of cardboard too, it turns out beautifully. Cardboard take not very thick. Thick Stock badly bent and would be difficult to create a collection. - Clay. Clay is better to take "Moment" clear or universal. It dries leaves no residue and the surface of the picture remains smooth and beautiful. - Scissors. Work comfortably with small scissors easily cut along the contour of the small details.

Instruction giraffe - toy clamshell 3d

Step 1:

It is necessary to stick the page number 7 on a white sheet of cardboard. This is the basis of the painting (picture), where you will add the details of three-dimensional image 3D.

Page number 7

Step 2:

On page number 6, you need to cut two pieces for the red lines. Gently bend the parts along the dotted lines. Glue them exactly to the specified location to the page number 7.

Page number 6

Step 3:

Well, the next page of your future books clamshell ready! 3D toys are glued to each other and create a personal collection! Believe me, you will have a unique, unique and favorite book! Leafing through the pages of homemade books, guessing riddles, discuss with your child is the subject, which is shown in the picture. You will get your own unique developmental benefits!

The whole family!

Step 4:

, Prepare in advance to work together and play with the children was more interesting. Find on the Internet the most vivid and clear images of A4 standard format. Create a book on a topic that interests your child the most. If a kid like most animals go to meet him and collects the subject. Or maybe your child is attracted to astronomy? Then look at the vastness of the topic of social network space, etc. Write out on puzzles, interesting facts, print coloring and cook illustration. Try less to help the child, even if he cuts himself, glues and master. Do not forget to often praise and encourage! One day - new knowledge!