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Holding the newborn column

Many young moms and dads especially afraid to take the baby in her arms. He looks so fragile, it is awkward to turn - and it may be irreparable. But to take the baby in her arms still have, and the better to secure parental hands that mean for the baby very much, without trembling.

Holding the newborn column

Instruction how to keep newborn column

Step 1:

First stop fear. The kid is actually not so fragile, and even the fact that he still does not hold a head, should not confuse you. You love him and will not cause him any harm.

Step 2:

Learn to take your baby the best of the situation on the back. So turn it into position directly in the bed or in a wheelchair. Do not forget to smile at the baby and gently talk to him. Movement should not be sharp, otherwise your uncertainty will be transferred to the child and he starts to act up.

Step 3:

Bend over baby. Move one hand under the neck of the child, and the other - under his back in the lumbar region. Do not hurry. Quietly and gently lift the child and push yourself. You will see that there is nothing wrong to keep him upright. The main thing - keep it tight, but not frantically.

Step 4:

When you hold the baby in her arms in an upright position, be sure to keep your neck and head. So the baby to wear until his neck does not get stronger, and he did not learn how to keep your head.

Step 5:

Learn how to lay the baby in the crib or stroller. In this case, all you need to do in the reverse order. Lean with a baby on the crib and gently place the baby without removing the right hand. Carefully pull the one hand, and then - another. Do not make any sudden movements.

Step 6:

When you learn to gently take the baby lying on the back, try to pick him up when he was lying on his tummy. To do this, move one hand under the breast, holding his chin between thumb and forefinger. Second hand move under his chest. Gently lift the child in an upright position.