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home education

For a long time, or rather the entire Soviet period of our history, the parents and there was no choice but to arrange a child's life after 2 years. The kid was in kindergarten, and my mother - to work. Now things have changed. Some mothers prefer not to give their favorite child in the wrong, even though professional hands and educate yourself.

home education

As with any business, home education has its own characteristics. What you need to consider, what to expect from the child and how to organize time? Many voprostov confronts those who make that choice. 

They say that children attending kindergarten, early socialized. If we assume that socialization of schooling to the regime and collective discipline, it is true. But it does not replace anything, and never loved the child mummy. As well as the possibility to take into account the individual characteristics of the child, the selection of the schedule of classes and trips, bedtime. 

Organization of training and education

Remember discipline! Finding a home does not mean permissiveness. Of course, mode, should be, but let it be built on the internal rhythms of your child. Breakfast - lunch - lunch - dinner at the same time, easy baby. As well as sleep. Naturally, departing rituals to sleep, read the evening, morning classes should be repeated every day. You must be clear, even hard and fast rules, the implementation of which is not discussed. Before eating my hands. The summer after my walking legs. Undressed remove things in the closet. He graduated draw - Gather pencils. 

Communication with peers - a mandatory step in the formation of the child's personality. Walk with the children on the playground, in the sandbox, go to visit. Even desirable (which is not in kindergarten) to children's group was mixed ages. This is very useful as it is for those who are older, and for those who are younger. But remember that we should not impose communicate with other children. He does not want to play with any particular child - and you do not like all the people. Today wants to be alone, to look for bugs, making a snowman - let him, so is the mood today. There is a sandbox with pleasure and reveals new toys - excellent! All children are, in fact, all the people - different! Growing up at home, the child is better able to maintain their individuality, let him do it.

Be sure to spend a day with your child classes on various subjects. Drawing, listening to music, reading, basic math, engineering, application - these are just some of the activities necessary for the full development of your baby. Now more than enough information to independently carry out any of these activities. But on "the world around" you have many more features than the caregiver. And your child has more advantages than the one who walks in the garden. Reducing it to the post office, a store, at the gas station, to the barber shop. "Sadovsy" the child sees it only in pictures. Your child will see how to behave, selling the car, and how the gardener is home to trams and a working excavator. Give him the happiness of knowing the world from his mother's arms.

Home education does not exclude, but even welcomed the visiting child various circles and sections. This develops an outlook helps in preparation for the school, stimulates cognitive activity, and the competition element helps to strive for better results. If you are unable to arrange this yourself, then it is advisable to send their children to the garden in front of the school year in the preparatory group. The fact that the school, in addition to an adequate supply of knowledge, the child should be formed skills in the team. The best time for this to 5 to 7 years. 

And most importantly, being at home, the child learns to live in the family. He sees the quarrel and reconciliation, joint evenings and workdays. He sees not only tired of parents who have nothing to say to him or to each other. The child learns to love and understanding, patience and respect. The child knows what "a family". He knows that a house can be a good thing, and it does not necessarily go to friends first in kindergarten and then in a bar. It will create a strong family.