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How do children learn in art school

If your child is interested in painting, for a long time and with obvious pleasure deals with pencil and paper, then you should seriously consider the need to develop his creative abilities. It's enough to find a good school, where the child can get a professional art education.

How do children learn in art school

Instruction how children learn in art school

Step 1:

For 5-6 are over the baby podyschu good art studio or arts school. In these children learn the basic laws of perspective and space, light and shade are taught techniques, expanding their range of colors and shades. Here, students are introduced to the concepts of composition and subject, tell us about the main genres and art forms. Children learn and perfect different artistic techniques (drawing, sculpture modeling, different kinds of painting, collage). Children learn to work not only with paints and crayons, but with pastel, gouache and charcoal. Classes in art studio and art school several times a week and take an average of 1-2 hours. Training time varies from five to eight years, the diploma is issued upon completion of training.

Step 2:

If your child has a talent and desire to become a professional artist, find the right art school for him. The selection of children in these schools more rigorous, for entry would need to pass a test in the form of creative competition. The optimum age for admission to art school - 10 years. Education in these schools is free. Classes are held twice a week for three academic hours.

Step 3:

Each art school has its own curriculum, but in any of them respect the fundamental principles of learning "from the simple to the complex." First, students learn drawing, then painting and composition. Modern art schools offer a lot of areas for further study. Among them are traditional - paintings, drawings and decorative arts - as well as new. This design and computer graphics. In addition, students acquire theoretical knowledge of art history. Such a school would be an excellent base to prepare your child for admission to art school or college.