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How do I find the approach of birth

In the last third of pregnancy the woman is already tend to get tired of your "interesting" situation and is looking forward to the birth of the baby. At this time any change in the status of women are perceived as the beginning of its birth. However, to speak with confidence about the birth began can only be based on some signs.

How do I find the approach of birth

Instruction how to find out the approach of birth

Step 1:

Consider whether you are experiencing in the last few days that something like light contractions. Such false contractions prepare the body for childbirth process. During their uterus tightens like a stone becomes, but the woman is not experiencing discomfort. These false contractions occur regularly, they only soften the cervix and prepare it for disclosure at the time of delivery.

Step 2:

Remember, if you have noticed in recent days appears on underwear before uncharacteristic for you vaginal discharge - mucus. If so, it may mean that out mucus plug, which protected the fruit against possible infection. This mucus develop cervical cancer, it may be up to 20 ml. In appearance it is a colorless, transparent, blotches may appear bloody. Mucus can move like a week before giving birth, and just before birth. If the mucus out earlier than two weeks before the expected onset of labor, it is necessary to seek medical help as detached cork - one of the signs of approaching childbirth.

Step 3:

Look, if the stomach sank. This is because the child is in cephalic presentation, and his head is moving closer to the birth canal. In this case, the expectant mother breathing easier, and on examination the doctor may notice a decrease in the height of the bottom.

Step 4:

Analyze your taste. A few days before the birth and decreased appetite, and a woman begins to lose weight. These changes are caused by the restructuring of the endocrine system. Because throughout pregnancy the body produces the hormone progesterone, and a few days before the birth it begins to produce the hormone estrogen, which is influenced by and there is a decrease in body weight.

Step 5:

Think not appeared there in recent days, you have a "nesting instinct". It is manifested in the fact that the woman before birth tends to hide from everyone and privacy, all the while trying to stay in the house and unnecessarily from the apartment does not come out. At this time there and psychological fears: on the one hand, it wants to quickly resolve the burden, but on the other hand, fear of labor pain and prolonged contractions.