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How do I know how it will look unborn child

On one of the parents will like the kid decides genetics, which operates the dominant (top) and recessive (slave) genes. The result is a genetic cocktail made jointly by both parents. In fact, the similarity to the father and mother is not accidental, it is the inherent nature of the early activation of the maternal and paternal instincts.

How do I know how it will look unborn child

Instruction how to find out how it will look unborn child

Step 1:

Gender child depends entirely on the father. In this regard, it plays a major role, which of sperm to fertilize an egg. X-chromosomes, programming the birth of girls as much as the Y-chromosome involved in the birth of boys. In fact, boys are born a little more than girls, due to their low resistance to disease.

Step 2:

Trying to predict eye color, remember that the gene, which is responsible for brown eyes is dominant. If one parent has blue eyes, and the second - brown, is likely to win a strong gene and the baby will be dark-eyed. However, if this rule is no exception, the entire population of the planet long ago would have been a more or less uniform. But the nature of advance thinking through every detail, decided otherwise. It turns out that the owners of dark eyes sometimes are born blue-eyed children. This is possible if at least one of relatives (even before last generation) was the blue-eyed, green-eyed or gray-eyed.

Step 3:

Light hair are also recessive trait. When both parents are blond, the child inherits the same color. If the father or mother will give him a dominant gene of dark hair, the heir will be a good chance to learn from him. In principle, the possible option of merging parent shades of hair. With regard to the structure of hair, the baby is more likely to inherit the locks (or wavy hair), of course, if such a characteristic has any of the parents.

Step 4:

As an inheritance passed and a dimple in his chin, and prominent ears of a parent. Scientists have come to believe about what a large hooked nose should also be attributed to the dominant characteristics.

Step 5:

Most likely, the baby will inherit korotkopalost, as well as a sixth finger, if it is endowed with one of the parents, of course.

Step 6:

On the question of the future growth of the child is difficult to make forecasts. As a rule, it stops on the arithmetic mean between Dad and Mom's growth. But it is in a correct and adequate nutrition, and also depending on the illness. At the same time, if the baby has an enviable appetite moves a lot, sleeps allotted time and eat right - he has every chance to develop their own low parents.

Step 7:

In general, boys are much more similar to the mothers. This is explained by the fact that they only inherit a single X-chromosome, which is rich in genes appearance. In girls, the situation is different: they receive an equal number of similar genes and from mom and from dad. Accordingly, the girl may seem like both parents equally likely.