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How do I know if a child has earache

Pain in the ear of the child - a phenomenon quite common. The problem is that in the infancy kid alone can not inform parents about what is bothering him. Therefore, parents are able to understand that it is time to call the doctor, only on circumstantial evidence, focusing on the child's behavior.

How do I know if a child has earache

Instruction how to find out if your child has earache

Step 1:

Watch the baby, if it is restless, has become more moody, shaking his head, crying, t ear, perhaps he begins otitis.

Step 2:

If your child has a sore ear, he does not sleep, tossing and turning, as it can not find a position in which he would feel comfortable. It softens pain heat, so the baby can try to squeeze the pillow was a sore ear.

Step 3:

The child may refuse to eat as chewing and swallowing gives him pain.

Step 4:

Increasing the temperature to 38-39 degrees - one of the symptoms of otitis media. Since an inflammatory disease, it occurs in acute form.

Step 5:

In severe cases, the child may be released from the ear fluid is yellow-green with splashes of blood or no. Sam ear canal may be red.

Step 6:

Otitis media can occur in the background ported respiratory illness as a complication. Therefore, in this period, you need to watch very carefully for the child.

Step 7:

In order to check whether the ear, it is necessary to press the tragus slightly hurt - a small bump on the outer part of the ear in front of the ear, causing pain and crying baby. But this method is not available in all cases, as otitis media is not always accompanied by pain. Therefore, we consider this method can not be universal.