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How do I know the baby's sex in advance

During pregnancy, many expectant parents think, who they will be born - a boy or a girl. Some want to know the baby's sex in advance of simple curiosity and impatience, the other - to select the color in which decorate the nursery and baby dowry, the third is medically necessary. Ways to determine the sex of the baby before the birth of a lot, but the accuracy of the guarantee is not all.

How do I know the baby's sex in advance

Instruction how to find out the baby's sex in advance

Step 1:

Folk omens say that if a pregnant woman pulls on salty foods, she acute abdomen, no morning sickness, it is prettier, it will certainly be a boy. Accordingly, preference for sweet dishes, round belly, a strong toxicosis and broke his nose suggest that it would be a girl. There is no scientific basis for these hypotheses are not, and if any of them are confirmed, then they should be considered as a mere coincidence.

Step 2:

There is also plenty of different pseudo-scientific methods of determining the sex of the unborn child: blood group and Rh factor of parents, blood renewal, the date of conception, etc. Perhaps they have a certain amount of truth and scientific validity, but an absolute guarantee they do not, as in most cases are also coincidences.

Step 3:

For example, to determine the date of conception sex need to know exactly when ovulation has occurred, and to compare with the date of sexual intercourse. If intercourse has been a few days before ovulation, probably a girl, if the day before or the day of ovulation - a boy. The fact that sexual embryo belonging depends on what chromosome set contains infiltrator sperm into the egg: XY - boy, XX - girl. XY-chromosome reach goals faster and XX - more tenacious, so even sexual intercourse during ovulation day does not guarantee the birth of a son, although it increases the likelihood.

Step 4:

Type in any search engine query: "find out the sex of the child," and you get a lot of links to sites where you can do it online by answering a few questions. In fact the tests that you will be asked to take, is a combination of folk and pseudo-scientific methods, with the difference that the result you get only paid service via SMS.

Step 5:

Among the medical techniques determining sex of the child can be noted chorionic villus sampling and amniocentesis. Chorionic villus sampling - extraction of cells, of which shape the future of the placenta. It is performed at 6-10 weeks gestation. Amniocentesis - the study of amniotic fluid and fetus are in her cell at 16-24 weeks. But these procedures are strictly for diagnostic purposes and for medical reasons, because they can cause harm to the developing fetus and even lead to abortion.

Step 6:

The most reliable and safe for the mother and child is a way to determine the sex of ultrasound - ultrasound. An experienced doctor can tell who you are waiting, already on 12 week of pregnancy, but more likely it will be known at time of 23-25 ​​weeks. In addition, if you have machine-3D diagnostics, you are able to see their unborn child and sexual characteristics in the medical center's arsenal.

Step 7:

If you watch for pregnancy in female consultation and district have a policy of compulsory health insurance, the US has the right to go free 3 times, as well as a specific need for a doctor's prescription. As a rule, research is being conducted on a definite plan for each trimester of pregnancy, but if you have not received answers to all your questions about your future child, please contact any private clinics providing services of ultrasound diagnostics.

Step 8:

Noteworthy is the way to know the sex of the baby on the heart rate (HR). In girls, the heart beats faster 140 beats per minute, the boys - often. The doctor can assess the heart rate with a stethoscope or a fetal Doppler, so ask for it regularly to voice your measurements.

Step 9:

In addition, recently there was a novelty - a test to determine the sex of the baby at home after 8 weeks of fetal development. Its principle is based on the interaction of the reagents in the urine of pregnant women, with the accuracy of the results is about 90%. The cost of such a test is quite high, but if you are determined to buy it, order from an authorized distributor not to overpay to intermediaries.