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How do I know the color of the child's eyes

Surely you remember the exciting tasks in genetics, which had to be solved at the school. You are invited to calculate the probability of transmission of inherited color of hair and eyes. And it was just, if Mom and Dad have the same eye color. But if one of them is blonde and the other brunette, with brown eyes, then the result is unpredictable.

How do I know the color of the child's eyes

Instruction how to find out the color of the child's eyes

Step 1:

It is believed that the genes are dominant owners of dark eyes and hair color. So, the couple "blonde with blue eyes - brunette with brown" could easily be born baby with brown eyes. And often exactly what happens. But there are exceptions, when such cases wins blue eyes and blond hair the child inherits.

Step 2:

If we compare the blue pigment with green, then this pair is the dominant blue. Although there is a possibility that the baby can be green eyes. In percentage terms the difference is not so great.

Step 3:

Despite the fact that your child is born with blue eyes, they can easily become brown during the first year of life. Firstly, because at least one of the parents is the holder brown eyes. Second, even if both parents have blue eyes, and a child is born with brown - this is likely the dominant genes grandparents (grandmothers) and grandparents (grandparents). In this case, it is not necessary especially perplexed, trying to figure out this phenomenon.

Step 4:

Sometimes the color of the eyes can get mixed. This phenomenon is called heterochromia. When mixed recessive and dominant genes can sometimes be obtained, and such results. To carry a recessive trait just blonde hair and eyes, and all the dark - to the dominant.