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How do I know the exact day of conception

Conception - the process of fusion of male and female germ cells. The sperm retain their ability to fertilize an egg for 2 days. And if female sex cell will enter the stage of ovulation, there is a high probability of pregnancy. If in this period, ovulation is absent, the conception does not happen.

How do I know the exact day of conception

You will need:

- thermometer; - Notebook, pen; - Analysis of the mucus of the cervix; - pregnancy test; - Ultrasound results.

Instruction how to find out the exact date of conception

Step 1:

To calculate the date of conception of the child, use special calculator placed on the Internet.

Step 2:

Since the most favorable period for conception is the date when ovulation occurs, the exact time of conception will coincide with the date of ovulation. When the length of the menstrual cycle of 28 days ovulation occurs on day 14 th. The probability of pregnancy is highest on this day. When the length of the cycle in 21 - 24 days, ovulation occurs on stage 10 - 12 days, with a cycle in 32 - 35 days -ovulyatsiya - 16 - 18 days.

Step 3:

Make a payment date of conception (ovulation) using a basal body temperature chart. In the measurement of basal body temperature every morning thermometer injected into the rectum (about 5 cm) for 7 - 10 minutes. If the temperature is less than 37 degrees, the female body is to ovulation when the temperature is slightly higher than 37 degrees, then - after ovulation. Date eve of increasing basal body temperature - the ovulation stage.

Step 4:

In just a few days prior to oocyte maturation sticky and thick vaginal discharge becomes clear and stringy. During this period, a very high probability of conceiving a child.

Step 5:

At the middle stage of the menstrual cycle, refer to a specialist - a gynecologist. He will take on the analysis of the mucus from the cervix and determine the date of your ovulation (conception) to within 1 - 2 days.

Step 6:

Get in pharmacy test for determining ovulation.

Step 7:

Refer to the experts conducting the ultrasound. This is the easiest and most reliable way to determine the exact date of conception.