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How do I know the order in kindergarten

In the recent past to enroll the child in a queue for a place in kindergarten and monitor its progress was possible only at personal visit to the District Education Office (Regional Department of Education). Currently know the order in kindergarten through the Internet.

How do I know the order in kindergarten

You will need:

Number line in the Regional Department of Education issued an individual code or obtained by e-registration.

Instruction how to find out the order in kindergarten

Step 1:

Register on a special website of the city administration - in nearly every region there is such kind of services. After registering your e-mail will receive a letter with acknowledgment and individual code. The code is assigned to an e-Commission and the required monitoring to promote your child's turn.

Step 2:

Enter this code on the main page of the site, it will automatically be requested. After entering the code, you can see the progress of all in kindergarten. If it turns out that the order of your queue number has changed in a big way, it is necessary to demand from the Regional Department of Education explanation. The site of this information can not be found, you have to go to the district education department in person.

Step 3:

If your region is not yet introduced electronic queue to kindergartens, monitors the progress of priority during personal visits. In setting up a queue to kindergarten will receive a receipt with a number. At the next visit to the District Board shall pay the room and see how the order is progressing. Learn the order also by phone, call the number of the receipt and find out how soon your child will be able to attend a day care center.

Step 4:

Keep in mind, increase your turn in the big party can happen because of increasing the number of beneficiaries of children. There are categories of persons who are District Board is obliged to provide a place in a kindergarten in the first place.

Step 5:

Watch for changing the order as the opening of new nurseries in your area, as well as during the middle of May until the end of August. It was during this period proiskhoditnabor children, and it's your turn can significantly move forward.