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How do I know the shoe size of the child

If your baby is still quite small, and his feet are already in need of shoes, it is not worth anyone's guess what size your feet crumbs. There are several ways to find out the size of your baby's shoes.

How do I know the shoe size of the child

Instruction how do you know the size of baby shoes

Step 1:

The first method. The most basic way possible. To measure the size of his feet, you'll need a piece of paper, a pen, a pencil or pen. Put a piece of paper on the floor. Make sure that it does not slide and was well secured in place. It will be nice if one of the parents will be able to keep the sheet, pressing the edges with your fingers to the floor. If you are measuring one or alone, then lock the edge of the sheet using scotch tape. For this to the corners of the paper, attach a piece of tape, each of which fasten on the floor. After the sheet is fixed, proceed to the main part of the measurement. Place the leg of the child on a piece of paper and draw the contour of the foot marker to left on a sheet as if the imprint. Try to trace the way to maximize the pencil tightly to leg. The resulting figure is the size of your baby's feet.

Step 2:

If you do not like this method of measurement, or you thought he was not quite accurate, then try another. To do this, take a sartorial centimeter and measure foot length and width of the foot. It would be better if you measure the width of the foot in three points. At the fingers, in the middle of the foot and heels. These measurements write on a piece of paper, not to forget, and go to the store to shop.

Step 3:

If you have considered this method is not suitable, then for you there is another very good way to measure the actual size of your baby's foot. To do this, you need to clay. Properly heat the clay in his hands, so he became very soft and pliable. This method of measurement is characterized not so much precision how much fascinating process, which will please not only the child but also yourself. Place the leg of the child on the clay that was left a deep impression. The child can even walk through the clay, then left a deeper imprint. This will allow you to easily choose the shoes for your child. Now the problem of choice of shoes should not be!