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How do I know whether or not stepped tube

One of the signs of approaching childbirth believe passage of the so-called generic plug - small lumps of mucus, which filled the cervical canal and protect the unborn child from falling external infections. How to recognize, went plug or not?

How do I know whether or not stepped tube

Instruction how to learn, moved tube or not

Step 1:

You need to know what it looks like the plug in order to understand what happened and it is not to panic when it detects an undergarment unusual for a pregnant woman from the genital organs. Also, in order to timely inform the important fact to the attending gynecologist, as premature withdrawal stopper may be cause for urgent action to preserve the pregnancy when enough big for the birth period.

Step 2:

Do not notice the fact that the plug has departed, in most cases, a woman can not, because it (cork) is a small lump of mucus with bloody streaks (generic plug may be colorless, yellowish or pinkish color, but always - mucus). The consistency of the mucus plug may be different and resemble its appearance as a thick nasal discharge with a cold, and is associated with the popular children's toy ball-Lizunov, that is, to be quite dense trailing mucous mass.

Step 3:

Generic plug can move away gradually over a few days in small pieces or a few hours before giving birth, and all at once full, to depart from the waters (including medical puncture bladder) or independently. Also, the plug can move away and stay for a while in the vagina and leave only in the second stage of labor or with the birth of the baby. That is why some women do not see it, I stepped tube or not, though, and gave birth to not one child.

Step 4:

Confuse discharge of mucus plug with Dribble of amniotic fluid is difficult, since they have different texture, color and coughing (and, consequently, a certain tension of the abdominal muscles), a cork is not allocated again in contrast to the amniotic fluid, which may run behind within a minute from the moment coughing.