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How do I know whether the lack of breast milk

When a child is breastfed, mothers often wonder: how do you know whether the lack of breast milk for nutrition. It may be necessary to introduce solid foods? The child does not yet know how to speak and could not tell her mother had eaten or not. There are several ways to resolve this problem.

How do I know whether the lack of breast milk

Instruction how to find out whether the lack of breast milk

Step 1:

While the baby sucks the milk, you notice the characteristic movements of the baby chin. During the pharynx, chin goes down, hangs and then returns to the place. The longer the kind of pause when hanging chin, the more milk to get your baby while feeding.

Step 2:

It is believed that the artificial feeding, the baby every day, add 30 grams of weight. For children who are breast-feeding, this figure is slightly lower. Until the age of six months the baby should gain about 500 grams per month. Please note that by 4 months of age weight gain activity decreases.

Step 3:

The first three days of life the baby gets rid of the meconium, which is accumulated in his body throughout fetal development. Meconium has a distinct, dark green color. The more breast milk the baby gets, the lighter becomes his chair. Normally developing baby is getting enough breast milk, stool consistency is watery, low odor and mustard color. A week after the birth, the baby chair should be at least 2-3 times a day. It is also an indicator of sufficient quantities of milk produced newborns through breastfeeding.

Step 4:

For a child older than 5 days, characteristically have excessive urination. If you change one day your child thoroughly prescribed 5-6 diapers, rest assured - your baby is getting enough milk.

Step 5:

Sometimes mothers worried about the lack of a sense of fullness chest. Do not worry! Most likely, your body is not yet sufficiently adapted to the regime and the needs of the child.

Step 6:

And the most obvious way to find out whether the lack of breast milk, will show you the child. A hungry baby will not let your breasts, and will actively pursue it suck. And if the milk is over, and the baby was hungry, you'll see it in his loud, discontented cry. Either the child will reduce the intervals between feedings.