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How do I know whether the lack of breast milk baby

This question is probably asking himself any mother, who decided to feed her newborn baby. After all, to understand the kid so hard at first! Do tummy hurts? Weather? Or hungry? How to understand that it worries? There are some basic rules that can help you find out exactly whether the baby is getting enough breast milk.

How do I know whether the lack of breast milk baby

Instruction how to find out whether the lack of breast milk baby

Step 1:

The most simple - a watch for your child. It is believed that breast milk it should last for about three hours, the rest of the child first months of life mostly sleeping. This is perfect, but we all know about colic, children's tummies and other troubles.

Step 2:

To suspect a lack of milk can be too frequent for feeding at the breast, continuous poor sleep and hungry child cries. A good test in this case can serve as a "wet diapers", they will help to find out exactly whether the baby is getting enough breast milk.

Step 3:

To do this you during the day do not have to wear a diaper on the baby, and just start counting his wet diaper. Normally, this parameter should be greater than 12, usually grudnichki write 15-17 times a day. In this dirty diapers, too, must be well - about 4-7 pieces at the age of two months.

Step 4:

If you counted more than 6 but less than 12 diapers, be sure to consult a specialist on breast-feeding. He looks good attachment to the breast crumbs and give recommendations to improve milk production. If less than 6 diapers - it is very dangerous for the baby's life, see a doctor immediately.

Step 5:

Another way to understand whether you have enough milk - a check weighing. You will need this precision balance. Several times a day, weigh the baby before and after feeding. So you can determine the average amount of milk, which he eats at a feeding. The normal rate is one-fifth of the child's body weight.

Step 6:

In general, health is best said monthly weight gain. A minimum of 125 grams per week, respectively 500 grams per month. The average numbers fluctuate around 800 grams. You do not have to be familiar moms. Every child is gaining weight individually, each with its own constitution and growth. Keep this in mind and do not worry once again. Since the first months of life your baby, more than ever, we need calm and confident mother.