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How do I know who is the first born

Expectant mother quickly want to know who will be born first: a girl or a boy. Not all methods to determine the sex of the child show the truth. In principle, they are exemplary. You can do a test on a blood test, to carry out ultrasound or use national signs.

How do I know who is the first born

Instruction how to find out who will be born first

Step 1:

Use the most secure and reliable way - is ultrasound. But to know the result, it is necessary to wait almost two months. Therefore, this option is not satisfied many. Ask your gynecologist in the antenatal clinic to give you directions to the survey. You can use the services of private clinics. But not all experts in ultrasound study have sufficient knowledge on the study of the fetus in early pregnancy. It happens that the sexual organ of the baby does not get to see as its specific location in the uterus can interfere with visibility.

Step 2:

Note that girls are less active stir in the womb than boys. But it can be compared, if a woman has already given birth once. It is believed that the mother, who is waiting for the girl, loses its beauty and fullness quickly. On the face of acne and rashes appear. The stomach has a vague and rounded shape. It starts strong morning sickness during the first weeks of pregnancy. If you are expecting a boy, then the weight is not reached more than the norm. You look great and feel. belly form - clear and sharp.

Step 3:

Spend a genetic test. With this test the blood of pregnant check for the presence of Y-chromosome. This method determines male with sufficiently high accuracy. And the date of ovulation affects who will be born from you. If conception does not happen earlier than 3 days prior to the forthcoming ovulation, that is, a large percentage of the probability of the birth of a male child. This is due to the fact that mobile "male" seed less tenacious, and after a certain period of time dies.

Step 4:

Note that the intensity of sex life can affect who you give birth. If a couple has sex very often, then wait for his son. When a man for a long time refrained from sexual intercourse, most likely, the woman's daughter appears. At least, so says the popular rumor.