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How do injections young children

Prick - a painful medical procedures, even for an adult. The children are often much more sensitive to pain. However, the parent can independently carry out this procedure, if necessary.

How do injections young children

You will need:

- medicine; - Syringe; - Wool; - Alcohol.

Instruction how to do injections to young children

Step 1:

If it is a subcutaneous or intramuscular administration of a drug, it can cope with and amateur. But by independent intravenous injections young children is better to abstain. A man who does not have experience of medical procedures, can easily pierce through a vein, causing pain and harm to the child. For these procedures is best to visit a doctor or a nurse to call home.

Step 2:

Prepare the necessary materials. In addition to medication, buy a syringe. It is best to choose a product with the maximum fine needle - so an injection would be less painful. It is also useful to you wool or cotton pads, alcohol for disinfection and medical gloves. With the introduction of the drug from a vial of stocks and a razor. It is useful if you can not break off the tip of the glass packaging. It would be good if you can prigasit someone from relatives to help you.

Step 3:

Wash your hands thoroughly and wear medical gloves. Then type the desired amount of the drug in the syringe. At the same time, if you pierce the rubber stopper of the needle, it is better to change. After filling the syringe, shake it and squeeze out of the medication. This is to ensure that when administered in the liquid did not get air bubbles.

Step 4:

Call Assistant, which should secure the child in the desired position. For intramuscular injections is lying on his stomach. Select an injection site and wipe it with a cotton with alcohol. The injection into the buttock should be placed at the top of the outer lobe. At this point, do not lie the nerves and blood vessels, which is especially dangerous to touch. Carefully insert the needle at a right angle to the buttock. If the child is in the age of reason, try to distract him, for example, watching a cartoon.

Step 5:

After the introduction of the syringe slightly pull the plunger of the syringe. if this medication in the blood begins to flow, then you hit the artery, and the injection site should be changed. In the absence of blood enter medicine. Do it gently, while a child should not commit sudden movements thanks to your assistant. After the introduction of the desired dose, remove the needle and treat the wound with alcohol. Can you make her wool, if fear of bleeding. After the injection calm the child if he was going to cry.