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How do you get a child to brush your teeth

Proper and regular maintenance helps to maintain the health and beauty of teeth. We need to teach a child to this procedure as soon as possible. Even baby teeth need daily cleansing.

How do you get a child to brush your teeth

Instruction how to make a child to brush your teeth

Step 1:

Set a personal example to the child. Before you make your baby pick up a toothbrush be interested in it. Take it with you to the bathroom every time you do want to brush your teeth. The child must realize that it is a natural daily habit. It would be better if the lead by example will be the adults who listen more kid and someone is trying to emulate.

Step 2:

Help your child brush his teeth for the first time. He has to do everything himself, you also only direct his hand. It is important to organize it as a separate process hygiene. To a child was interested, buy a beautiful and safe toothbrush toothpaste with a pleasant taste.

Step 3:

If the child is in the age of reason, let him choose a brush, glass and toys that can be taken to the bathroom. The idea that all these supplies he bought himself, a desire to strengthen the kid to brush your teeth.

Step 4:

Brush doll or favorite toy. Let the kid try and learn from you. During the game tell the story of the teeth or sing a song. Try an affordable way for your child to explain to him the benefits and need for dental care. Draw informative poster and hang it in the bathroom - this will increase the children's interest.

Step 5:

Make the process of teeth cleaning as easy as possible for the child. Substitute small chair to the sink, the baby looked at myself in the mirror and was free to reach out to the crane. When the child has finished brushing your teeth, give him the opportunity to admire the result and be sure to praise him.

Step 6:

Treat patiently to failure of the child. You need at least a month persistently monitor the baby. Do not scold him for his mistakes, otherwise, instead of the natural habits you get unwillingness to brush your teeth more for many years. Remember that the child reflects your actions and behavior, so it is very important is your attitude to what you teach him.