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How do you know about pregnancy without tests

Women who took a missed period, usually think about a possible pregnancy. Know exactly occurred or not, it is important in any case. The most logical in early pregnancy - do the test. However, if this is not possible, there are other ways to determine pregnancy.

How do you know about pregnancy without tests

Instruction how to find out about the pregnancy without tests

Step 1:

Make ultrasound. This method is publicly available and authentic. It allows you to identify early pregnancy - a delay of 5-6 days. And in the study using transvaginal sensor fertilized egg can be seen already on the 2-5 day.

Step 2:

Turn in blood chorionic gonadotropin. This pregnancy hormone is found a week after conception. A by immunoassay can determine the precise amount of hormone in the blood. This figure is set to determine the incidence of ectopic pregnancy.

Step 3:

Start to measure basal body temperature. It is measured in the morning at the same time in a state of rest. The most accurate readings to be thermometer inserted in the rectum, however, and can measure the temperature of the vagina or mouth. Before menstruation basal temperature should be reduced. But if it remains above 37 degrees for 2-3 weeks after ovulation, the chance of pregnancy is very high. This method is considered to be even more reliable than the benchmark.

Step 4:

Listen to yourself. If, in addition to the delay you are experiencing morning sickness and vomiting, breast tenderness and nipple pain in the abdomen, similar to the sensations during menstruation, increased vaginal discharge, change in taste preferences, fatigue, frequent urination, then the probability of pregnancy is high enough. Yet these symptoms are not considered sufficiently reliable, because a woman may experience different sensations due to mistrust, fear of getting pregnant, colds, food poisoning, etc. The very delay may be due to the stress of moving, medicines, travel, high physical exertion.

Step 5:

Try to pass an online test on the Internet. It consists of questions that you can ask and the doctor: whether in a month sex, you were protected if you experience nausea, etc. This method of determining pregnancy is considered to be the most unreliable.