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How do you know all the kindergarten

In the past, monitor the progress queue to kindergarten it was only possible with the help of a personal visit to the District Board. Modern technologies have greatly facilitate this process. Now find all the kindergarten can be via the Internet.

How do you know all the kindergarten

Instruction how to find place in the daycare

Step 1:

Go to the official website of your municipal administration and register. Then check your email. On it comes a unique code and a link to confirm. Click on the link and return to the site. Code received the letter, will monitor the progress in the queue.

Step 2:

To do this, you must re-enter the site of administration, and find the section that is associated with kindergartens. Enter the code out there and get the necessary information. Periodically update this section and follow the dynamics. If your order number has increased, contact the Regional Department of Education to clarify the situation, as in most cases this information is not laid out site. For example, an increase in the number of children entitled to a discount.

Step 3:

In some areas, or even parts of electronic accounting systems are not available, so learn all you can in kindergarten only at personal visit. In certain situations it is even more convenient since it is possible to solve the problem on the spot. After treatment in the Regional Department of Education and you will be given your individual number. Often, the dynamics of change, you can learn on the phone, so do not forget to write it down.