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How do you know if your child is smoking marijuana, or Know how to discern the obvious

If the behavior of your child's teenage times it seems you are not very adequate, we should not write off all to the physiological characteristics of puberty. Look closely to the child more closely - perhaps there is cause for serious concern.

How do you know if your child is smoking marijuana, or Know how to discern the obvious

You will need:

- parental supervision; - straight Talk; - Tact.

Instruction how to find out whether your child is smoking marijuana, or Know how to discern the obvious

Step 1:

Pay attention to the child's behavior. Smoking marijuana or, as it is called, marijuana causes mild euphoria, general relaxation and drowsiness. In this state, people tend to become more sensitive to the perception of sounds. Is particularly important small details that previously went unnoticed. The intoxicated teenager is happy to consider the surrounding environment, previously were not interested in it.

Step 2:

Consider how your child communicates with others. In terms of social communication people smoke marijuana, it becomes more cheerful, sociable, even chatty. Feeling elated, he often seeks to convey it to others. In this state, there is a decrease the level of aggression.

Step 3:

Watch how the teen eats. Even an ordinary meal under the influence of marijuana seems much tastier, and a person can eat in one sitting their normal daily rate. This has been a general improvement in metabolism does not lead to uncontrolled overeating and weight gain.

Step 4:

It is necessary to draw attention to the fact that the subjective perception of time can vary with high doses of cannabis: some period fall out of memory. Teen tries to remember why he started an action or not be able to finish the job they offer, forgetting where I started the idea. From the outside, it can suddenly start to remember how he ended up here. However, these feelings do not cause negative emotions, because in this state there is a splitting of consciousness intoxicated as if watching a side. In some cases, this causes attacks of prolonged high jinks, but overall control over his actions a person is saved.

Step 5:

Attend and to symptoms of marijuana use, as signs of panic. It may seem that the teen just fooling around, but it can actually feel a sense of impending danger, anxiety and disorientation in space. Usually all this takes place quickly after hot tea mugs and soothing conversation.

Step 6:

External signs of smoking marijuana is to expand or, conversely, pupillary constriction, inflamed, red, slightly squinting eyes (teenager may experience some difficulties trying to make yourself look normal); strong unpleasant smell of sweat; indigestion, facial pallor.

Step 7:

If your child comes home late, trying not to fall on your eyes, you have noticed in his behavior or appearance of one or more of these symptoms, do not delay the serious conversation for later. The transition from the "light" drug to serious happens very quickly, so your teen needs help now. In addition, it is worth remembering that innocent hallucinogens does not happen, they are detrimental impact on the human body.