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How do you know that the child is left-handed

Modern education conditions are not designed for left-handed children: lighting from windows and arrangement of desks in the classroom, guidelines for teaching writing - all designed and organized for right-handed world. Teachers do not retrain a first grader who writes with his left hand, patiently apply to its features, but may not always create the most favorable conditions for the education of these children.

How do you know that the child is left-handed

You will need:

- Tests to determine the left-handedness of the preschool child; - Paper, pencils for drawing.

Instruction how to find out that the child lefty

Step 1:

Rate the tendency of the child to the left-handedness: Is there a family or among close relatives left-handed. The more people, the more likely that the child will manifest this feature too.

Step 2:

Watch Baby a hand, he tries to get the toy, fingers, hands which often takes in his mouth. At this age, still it can not be taken acquired left-handedness, but genetic features can already be seen.

Step 3:

Track particularly nursing. If the mother is feeding the baby more often right breast, his left hand is a long time pressed to her body and remains dormant. If we take into account features of the sucking child - eating for a long time, slowly, while gripping the hands increases. Formation of left-handedness will melt the most possible.

Step 4:

Do not worry if 3-4 years child can not be defined using the dominant hand - it is normal for younger preschoolers. They tend to be researchers makes use evenly and the right and left hand, and sometimes two at a time.

Step 5:

Test the child, using a series of tasks to determine not only the dominant hand, and leading more active hemisphere of the brain, because left-handedness - is a consequence of it is the physiological characteristics of a person. They help to define the category of the child: right-brain or left hemisphere. For left-handed baby is more likely to obtain indicators that point to the right hemisphere activity.

Step 6:

Have a child draw one and the same image is alternately the right, then the left hand. The result is evaluated not on the drawing speed of execution, and in total: a hand leading a child draws a slower but more accurate.

Step 7:

Have completed at least 4-5-minute tasks: - to lay down their arms in the castle; on left-handedness indicates the upper left thumb - clap your hands so that one hand was on the bottom and one at the top - to twist arms and look, brush a hand would be on the outside; - aim at the target for the children's pistol shooting: on the left-handedness indicates left open glaz.Chem more results point to a lead left hand, the more likely that the child - lefty.