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How do you know the size of baby clothes

Every parent wants his child to always look perfect. Therefore, as much as possible try to buy him new clothes are different, whether it be clothes, shoes, or any children's accessories. However, most of these things bought "by eye".

How do you know the size of baby clothes

Instruction how do you know the size of baby clothes

Step 1:

Explore the label on the product and ask the seller - at what age it is designed. Typically, the label manufacturer of children's clothes Set growth. This is the easiest way to select clothes for the child and it is used most parents. But here there is one nuance, without taking into account which can be mistakenly select children's clothing - from the age of 4 years, its size is determined not only by the growth parameters, but also the weight. This is dictated not only by the need of aesthetic appearance dressed baby, but also its mobility and convenience while driving.

Step 2:

Another effective way is to define the fitting of child figures with the help of tape. However, the measurements must be carried out solely on the figure, with a view to removing more accurate yardsticks. The child in this case is to stand up straight, to maintain the natural posture. To start, determine the child's growth, putting it on the wall, and attach to the top of the head horizontal limiter. Then make a pencil mark on the height meter. In the case where a child has not yet learned to stand yardstick can be removed in the supine position. When measuring growth in such a position or spin the roulette centimeter tape full length.

Step 3:

Followed by measurement of chest circumference. It is measured horizontally in relation to the body baby. Tape measures apply to all protruding chest and shoulder blades points. The tape is not necessary to over-tightened. After this it is necessary to measure the girth of the waist and hips in the same manner. Do not forget the sleeves. Sleeve length is measured a fairly simple way: determine the distance from the humerus to the proximal phalanx of the thumb. sleeve length measurement is performed exclusively on the outer surface of the hands which is in a bent position.

Step 4:

After removing all the yardsticks for determining the correct size of children's clothes, use special tables, which have been developed, taking into account all the age and physical characteristics of children of different sexes. By choosing to shop for baby clothes, refer to previous results fitting. Thus, increasing the possibility of more accurate determination of the size of the child's clothing. But still the most sure-fire way to choose the right clothes for the baby is fitting liked things just before its purchase.