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How do you know the size of baby's feet

Having decided to buy shoes for the baby, you need to know the size of his feet. But it does not always have the opportunity to take the child with you to the store to try on, and purchase online are becoming increasingly popular. So how do you know the child's foot size and avoid mistakes when buying such an important thing as shoes.

How do you know the size of baby's feet

Instruction how to find out the child's foot size

Step 1:

To find the size you need to measure the child's foot. Take a meter tape or a ruler and measure the normal foot baby from the beginning of the thumb to the heel. The resulting value, refer to the following table: 10.5 cm - 11.0 cm size 17 - 18 size 11.5 cm - 19 size and so on every 5 millimeters plus one size. Usually, for children from 6-9 months to 17 at the time of size, from 9 to 12 fit - size 18-19, 12- 18 months - 20-21 size. This system is only suitable for the size of footwear Russian manufacturers. In the European system the result is the size (in centimeters) multiplied by 1.5. For leg length of 17 cm corresponds to 17 * 1.5 = 25.5 size.

Step 2:

To find baby shoes, not only along the length of the foot, but also the width, take a sheet of white paper and colorful pencil. Place the child on the paper, and gently stroke it a leg, it is desirable to hold a pencil vertically otherwise the data may not be correct. Having come into the store, take the insoles, the model you like, and attach a piece of paper, which circled the foot of the child. Keep in mind that if the insole of the shoe of the same size with your figure, will be shoes baby butt, so better take one size larger.

Step 3:

If your baby is restless, and you just can not measure his leg, another suitable method. Take a blank sheet, draw a line straight line and ask the kid to stand up to it. Quickly take note heel and thumb, and then measure the distance line and look at the size of the table.

Step 4:

Almost all the people left and right foot are different, ie one can be a bit larger than the other. Therefore, a better measure both feet, and pick up on the size of the one that more. Foot Measurement conducts better in the evening. This is due to the fact that during the day the foot trampled, blood rushes to her, and she becomes a bit more than, say, in the morning. When selecting the size, pay attention to the fact, with some socks baby will wear shoes. If it's winter sock is sure to be thick enough so the length of the foot measurements to produce better socks.